vineri, 19 aprilie 2013

In vizita la gradinita Lumea piticilor

Soare, Alegretto, Mozart si, desigur, curcubeul muzical.
Mi-a placut!

                        Grupa fluturasilor si cea a buburuzelor- la egalitate de puncte muzicale.


Incercam zambetul a la Mozart. Fermecator, multumesc, Clara!

O zi inspirata. Multam, Ramona, pentru invitatie!

2 comentarii:

  1. Dear Cristina, I have tried and failed to send you copies of the pictures that you took with my camera in Nicole de Vesian's garden, to the email address that was on your card, and would love it if you would please send me another so that you can get the pictures. Best wishes, Tania Compton


    1. Dear Tania,

      Thank you so much! You can reach me at I hope you had a great time at your husband's party and that your golden shoes gathered a lot of compliments. I will always remember you as the slender woman with Preraphaelite looks, Descartian brains and decadent stilettos.

      Best wishes,
      Cristina Andone